Talent Development

Your goal is to engage and bind skilled people with/to your organisation. In addition to the application of online tooling / e-learning, giving personal attention is essential. You want your people to be and stay motivated and developed themselves. In other words, you want to attract the right people. After all, your personnel costs are substantial and people are ultimately an important factor for success.

To this end, Derks & Derks Talent Development uses the latest online tools, such as game-based assessments and experienced coaches / assessors with thorough knowledge of your market.

All our assessments – including role-playing, coaching, and career guidance – can be arranged both face-to-face and online. On the basis of our online (capacity) tests, personality questionnaires, video connection in practical simulations, psychological interviews and feedback, we can provide you with sound advice and practical and applicable reporting for all your selection and development issues.

How does Talent Development benefit your company?

  • Certainty that you have appointed the very best candidate
  • Insight into the pitfalls and development opportunities of employees
  • Independent measurement of the potential of new and existing employees
  • Reduce illness and dropout
  • Significant reduction of staff turnover due to measurable development plans
  • Reduction in (im)material transition costs through constructive outplacement
  • Clear substantiation of who can / cannot participate in the intended changes
  • Better performing individuals and teams

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