Healthcare Contracting

At Derks & Derks, we have been successfully working for the healthcare sector for over 20 years. We focus on senior professionals, management and directors with recruitment & selection, secondment & interim and development activities for individuals and teams.

From our unique position at the interface of healthcare providers, industry, government and health insurers, we look broader, further and see more. By looking beyond barriers and knowing that progress is only possible by bringing all parties together, 10 years ago we established our Masterclass NieuweZorg Healthcare Executive Education programme.

Partly because of this, we have a strong position in the healthcare landscape and are closely involved in the challenge of maintaining the quality, accessibility and affordability of our healthcare.

Healthcare buyers and sellers have a crucial role in this. They are more or less the gateway to sensible care. We believe that the focus in healthcare purchasing and sales should shift more towards the public interest. In addition, not only the financial perspective, but also the quality and accessibility perspective must be given a more prominent place on the agenda.

Current Situation
The complex process of healthcare contracting does not always run smoothly. Concluding healthcare contracts through successful and transparent contracting should make an essential contribution to cost control in healthcare. The role of healthcare buyers and sellers is therefore decisive in this process. We are convinced that these professionals can achieve more than is currently the case. This can be done by working more on the basis of trust, through continuous training, by building personal relationships and through continuing to meet each other within a network. This serves the public interest and guarantees there is less turnover in this group.

Upgrade of Healthcare Purchasing and Sales
The dream of multi-year, successful and transparent contracting requires support. For instance, by giving healthcare buyers and sellers more mandate and allure, by introducing them to each other, by sharing best practices and by organising a network of colleagues.

Together with other expert market parties, we aim to give healthcare purchasing and sales a valuable upgrade. The Master of Healthcontracting is currently under development and promises to make a major contribution to a more efficient, transparent and socially responsible distribution of the 110 billion euros that we spend annually on healthcare. This study programme has three levels: mildly experienced, medior and senior. The programme starts with the medior block and will shape the other two blocks based on experience. This medior block consists of eight days of training on the core values of modern healthcare contracting. Lecturers are highly regarded professionals, professors and directors.

The envisaged network platform brings together these three levels from all relevant domains: Wlz (Long-term Care Act), Wmo (Social Support Act) and Zvw (Health Care Insurance Act). Participants come from municipalities, care offices, insurers, hospitals, mental health institutions, care homes, higher authorities, etc. We believe in the combination of substantive and infotainment meetings, case studies, sharing best practices and working with master-apprentice constructions. More information about the Master of Healthcontracting will be available soon.

More information
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