HR Research

With our academic background, we are right in the middle of the market, at the intersection of practice and scientific research. This position offers unprecedented opportunities to conduct applied occupational-psychological research. In collaboration with, among others, the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, and various market parties we have previously conducted research into: turnover among district managers, career choice pharmacy students; corporate culture in pharmacies; salaries for Sales and Quality Professionals in Life Sciences (including online Salary Checkers, in Dutch).

Our HR Research activities provide directly applicable knowledge. Knowledge that we are happy to share, by making our reports available for download.

View all research reports within Life Sciences here (in Dutch).

Which pharmacy role best suits me? Test yourself
As part of our HR Research activities, we have created a questionnaire – available online – to test yourself. If you complete the questionnaire / test, you will be presented with a brief overview of the most important results and subsequent tailor-made advice. Start the pharmacists career choice questionnaire (in Dutch).