Executive Education: Leergang Industriële Farmacie

Leergang Industriële Farmacie (LIF) is the ultimate training course for deepening and broadening one’s knowledge and network within Life Sciences!

The Leergang Industriële Farmacie offers an innovative programme in which, after theoretical preparation, the practice is central. Every module will offer ample attention to practical situations that provide insight into sources of human error, communication problems and superfluous impediments. This insight, in combination with transcendent thinking and thinking in terms of possibilities leads to more efficiency and less waste.

The modules take place at Pharma guest companies with a tour and presentation by experts on the specific fields of study.

Integrated programme with freely selectable and combinable modules:
– Registration of medicines
– Pharmaceutical analyses
– Logistics and raw materials
– Packaging and distribution
– Aseptic production and formulation
– Biosimilars (in development)

The Leergang Industriële Farmacie is targeted at all who are involved in the development and distribution of medicines.