LiScensEd – Life Sciences Education

LiScensEd – Life Sciences Education (formerly Leergang Industriële Farmacie/LIF*) offers one-day interactive modules for practice-oriented professionalization in Pharma, Medtech and Biotech in which various themes and relevant processes are discussed at host companies: Aseptic production; Packaging and distribution and Registration of medicines.

In-depth and practical experience at host companies
The modules can be followed separately, but can also be combined very well. LiScensEd offers in-depth and practical experience through workplace visits at the host companies, discussion with (international) experts and discussion of special practical situations at host companies. A further deepening and anchoring is guaranteed through practical cases and/or role plays.

For whom
LiScensEd – Life Sciences Education is intended for everyone involved in Pharma, Medtech or Biotech from the development up to and including the distribution of medicines or medical devices. The modules offer broadening and deepening of knowledge and experience for both up-and-coming talent and established professionals at a minimum HBO work/thinking level, in areas such as Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Validation, Supply Chain, Registration/Regulatory Affairs, Production, Product Development, Warehousing/Logistics, Clinical Development, Project Management.

More information:

* Particularly due to the COVID-19 circumstances, the activities of LIF have been suspended. During that period, the initiators reoriented themselves to the needs of the sector. This resulted in LiScensEd – Life Sciences Education, with a new approach with (for the time being) 3 one-day modules.