Executive Education: Masterclass NieuweZorg

Masterclass NieuweZorg (MCNZ) is the ultimate training course for deepening and broadening one’s knowledge and network across the entire spectrum of healthcare!

For over ten years, the Masterclass NieuweZorg has been connecting managers in and around healthcare in order to better interpret the complexity of current issues in the sector. After all, adequate interpretation leads to effective communication, recognition, and realistic goals. Far from abstract texts, close to concrete actions. The Masterclass NieuweZorg brings participants in six themed groups in conversation with each other and respected and influential guest lecturers. After completing the masterclass, there is a possibility to obtain a so-called ‘post university diploma’.

Participants in the Masterclass NieuweZorg are enthusiastic, innovation-oriented, and driven managers in healthcare and related fields: politics, health insurers, pharmacy, Medtech, Biotech, first and second line, general hospital, mental health care, patient associations, and so on. They are professionals who are familiar with the healthcare sector from their experience and who are looking for opportunities to broaden and deepen their knowledge. They all wish to share their passion for healthcare.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s approach to healthcare? Innovate together and sign up for the Masterclass NieuweZorg.