A career question? Your job no longer exists, so now what? A team that’s stuck? Or are you the manager and are you getting stuck yourself? Coaching at Derks & Derks has many different forms and is tailored to requirement. In an intake meeting, entirely without obligation, we’ll gauge your expectations and together we’ll create a plan of action.

Would you like to talk to one of our experienced and engaged Talent Development Consultants and have your wishes, aspirations, personal values, qualities and convictions addressed to help you continue on your career path? If so, please ask for the possibilities in Career development/guidance. When you’re looking for an increasingly inspiring expression of your current job (jobcrafting* for instance) you can also come to us if you require coaching.

*Derks & Derks collaborates every year with the University of Utrecht to research jobcrafting.  You can find the research reports (in Dutch) on our website.

Do you want to get your team on track, but have no clue where to start? Then consider team coaching We’ll help you gain insight into your team. What knowledge and skills does my team have? How is talent harnessed? How can your team fulfill its potential? What profile is missing and what aspects can still improve?

Do you feel like you’re derailing or do you think you’re lacking some skills as a manager? By employing management coaching,  we can help you improve qualities such as your management skills.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Together we’ll discuss your inquiry and situation to ensure that they are handled appropriately.