Derks & Derks is committed to the sustained development of people in organisations. Our assessments will result in answers to HR issues that include:

  • Is this prospective employee the right person to fill this position in your company right now?
  • Does your employee have the potential to develop in x amount of time to fill position y in your company?
  • In what areas does this employee need to develop to become more effective within their position?

Choosing Assessments by Derks & Derks means going for:

  • Quality. We work with a team of specialist in Life Sciences, Healthcare and Automative and know what’s happening in those respective sectors. Naturally, we work in accordance with the requirements of the NIP (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen);
  • A positive approach to your (potential) employee. We basically follow the precepts of positive psychology. We connect people’s motivation, their incentive and their possibilities;
  • Custom-made service. We don’t work with standard test batteries, and all our programmes are tailor-made. The results; clear advice and tips you can apply to practice. How do we make this happen? Starting with a comprehensible and efficient intake, so we know exactly what we can help you with;
  • Flexibility. We are able to book your assessment swiftly, within two weeks.
  • Care. Often assessment candidates have additional questions or need a little reassurance. All candidates are contacted by phone beforehand and can ask additional questions afterwards. On the assessment day we make sure that candidates feel comfortable. This is why we score very well in ‘personal attention’ on our assessment evaluations!

In our assessment research, we employ a combination of instruments and interventions, all scientifically proven to determine how candidates will function in the future. HR questions tend to differ in some way from one organisation to the next. This is why all our assessments are adjusted to the customer’s requirements. Our rates range between € 495  and € 2,795.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Together we’ll discuss your inquiry and situation to ensure that they are handled appropriately.