Team development

ProfileDynamics-logoDerks & Derks is committed to the sustained development of teams within organisations. We are a certified partner of Profile Dynamics. This methodology, which is based on a scientific model, allows us to gain insight into the driving forces behind teams. Once you have these insights, you can stimulate a team to do what they do well and what energises them. Their performance will improve as a natural course.

Choosing team development by Derks & Derks, means going for:

  • A tool that is comprehensible and widely applicable; everyone will understand it. Specialised questionnaires are available for those with a higher education, for operational experts and for healthcare.
  • Quality: continuous collaboration is maintained with scientific research. Thus we always work following the latest findings in psychology.
  • Personal attention: this is why we score very well in ‘personal attention’ on our assessment evaluations!

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Together we’ll discuss your inquiry and situation to ensure that they are handled appropriately.