Derks & Derks likes to help in a concrete and practical way. Just by doing. We have good experiences with training on the job, where a coach, for example, watches a relevant conversation. This is guaranteed to provide practical and applicable advice.

On the job is not always possible. In that case we choose for individual training or small groups where, after a short theoretical explanation, skills are trained with an actor. Practice in a safe setting with behavior that is new. The skills training courses below have been set up according to these principles.

Interview skills course
Our clients frequently ask for tips concerning job interview techniques. That’s why we regularly organise Interview skills courses. In this course we’ll sharpen your interview techniques. After a short theory presentation, there will be ample room for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Does that sound like something for you?

A step further even? Then please inquire about our customised in-company job interview techniques training.

Job interview techniques
Individual custom-made training for anyone who is looking for a job but wants to present themselves more fittingly.

Because of the ever-changing job market, an increasing number of people want to spruce up their job application skills. Our consultants offer unparalleled career support to professionals. Here too, customisation is always essential.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Together we’ll discuss your inquiry and situation to ensure that they are handled appropriately.