Jan Derks

GDPR Hurray!

You read that right! As an individual and as director of Derks & Derks, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This European legislation prescribes how ‘we’ should deal with personal data. Finally. An unambiguous guideline on how to handle data properly. GDPR Hurray!

When I, as a private person, entrust my data to a third party, I expect these to be processed and protected ‘in the right way’. That they do not submit my application to my current employer is obvious. As well as that they will not spam me with advertising. Isn’t it? I also assume that I will only be approached when it makes sense. And oh well…. If there is occasionally a minor mistake, I think that’s fine. But, that should not happen too often. In that case I will unsubscribe. “Your fault”, I will think.

For quite a number of years, parties that forward complete cv’s, solicited and unsolicited, have been active in the labor mediation market. At Derks & Derks, we had and have our own thoughts about this. And, at times, we are also bothered by it, because it’s hard to fight against such a fast ‘selection’. It takes time to explain a function, make ’the match’ and ask a professional for authorisation to send his/her data to the vacancy holder. We see that as quality. We especially feel supported by the GDPR on that last point.

Since its inception, Derks & Derks has invested a lot of time and energy in the protection of personal data. The sister companies of the Derks & Derks Holding BV are doing that also. Derks & Derks Detachering, Masterclass NieuweZorg 3.0, FMFvacatures, Leergang Industriële Farmacie,  Business class Pharma & Healthcare and INRALS are just like that. We were at the forefront when the Dutch Data Protection Authority entered into force and are now also embracing the GDPR.

According to some, the GDPR goes (far too) far in its ambitions. For example, if you have given us explicit permission to do so, we may retain your data for a maximum of 2 years and then we must again request your permission. No problem, of course, we think you would like to be informed about salary developments, market developments, interesting vacancies and training opportunities that match your needs and requirements. We also keep our database up to date and we can continue to support you in your career,

And all this carefully within the framework of the GDPR: clear agreements about how we store data and for what purpose we do that. We are happy to arrange these agreements and consent with you, because we want to continue supporting you in your ambitions, dreams and career.

We’ll be pleased to see you in the new world, where we know (even better) what we can expect from each other!

Jan Derks