Job differentiation

One of the biggest challenges facing many sectors is attracting and captivating staff in short supply through job satisfaction. Job differentiation plays a major role in this: what are the resources employed to expand the tasks and responsibilities within a job and the job profile that goes with it to make the job more challenging and appealing for the employee.

Life Sciences faces this challenge, but Healthcare definitely does as well. It is a well-known fact that Healthcare faces huge staff shortages. According to an Intermediair article, health care is the most unhealthy sector to work in, with sick leave at 6.7% and employee turnover at 15%. According to Stichting Arbeidsmarkt Ziekenhuizen, the lack of career prospects and opportunities is a major reason for resignation. Moreover, the sector is becoming increasingly complex and requires a different approach. This is why job differentiation has been a hot topic since 2010. Our associate, Hilde Kauffman, wrote a comprehensive article on Job differentiation in healthcare.

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